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     Ipek Yolu & Silk Road Ltd. is located in Konya-Turkey, has been producing the finest quality traditional modern patterned kilims and carpets using premium quality of hand spun wool and natural dyes since 1985. As the Company we are focused on producing kilims and carpets in huge variety of sizes and patterns. It is also possible to order your modern drawings as kilims, carpets. On the other hand we have exclusively produced Usak Rugs, using old yarn and natural dyes. We  also carring on collecting semi - old kilims, cicims as well as have tribal Persian and Anatolian unique antiques.

     Ipek Yolu & Silk Road'sToros Kilims  line is offering you the best quality for the most reasonable price. Toros Kilims are 100 % high quality hand spun wool, dyed naturally and hand woven. We aspire from the traditional motifs and aim to revive the ancient art at its best. Therefore, we only use highly selected organic-natural dyes that are ensured for their rich and clear colors that resist years of usage without any trace of fading. Our designs combine artistic simplicity with traditional motifs. Moreover, we are ready to fulfill your order and exceptionally well equipped to produce any of your designs.

     Historically, Konya is one of the most important weaving centres in Turkey. It is renowned for the variety and splendour of its rugs, kilims and other hand-woven textiles. It is also well known as a centre for the repair of these artefacts.At Ipek Yolu we specialize in the restoration of carpets,kilims, Navajo Kilims,  soumaks, cicims, zili and semi-old and antique Chinese rugs. Antiques are our speciality.In our atelier you will find master restorers who are expert in any sort of rug repair. We use yarn hand-spun in the Taurus Mountains and dyed to exacting standards with natural colours by Mehmet UCAR, the principal of Ipek Yolu. Over many years Mehmet has researched the methods of producing the glorious natural dyes of the past. His diligence and enthusiasm have resulted in his gaining a wide reputation for the quality of his colours.Rugs for repairs can be sent to us by UPS, Fedex or DHL. We can arrange special import for larger consignments of repairs.You can contact us by email or fax.


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